Personal Lines

Protect your personal assets from the unexpected with personal lines. At Hoyng Insurance Group, you can tailor each policy coverage to provide the right amount of coverage for your property and casualty insurance needs. Our agents are here to help you protect what’s most important to you.

We Cover: Auto, Home, Personal Umbrella, RV, Motorcycle, Boat

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your largest assets, and it holds an important personal significance to you and your family. In the event of unexpected loss or damage, you want an insurance policy that covers what you value most. While homeowners insurance may protect you from more common damages like a pipe leak or burglary, it can also cover large losses such as fire, floods, property damage, and off-premises theft. We’ll help you find the right insurance plan with the coverage you and your family need.

Auto Insurance

Protect your vehicle from losses beyond your control with an auto insurance policy. While some policies meet only the legal requirements, others go further and protect you if your car is stolen, damaged by fire, and more. We’ll help you find a plan with the coverage you desire so you can get behind the wheel without worry.

Personal Umbrella

When you want added peace of mind to protect against unforeseen financial losses, Hoyng Insurance Group can help you find the additional protection you’re seeking. Umbrella insurance specifically covers you in the event of a major insurance claim or lawsuit in which you are held responsible, easing or eliminating your financial burden. Talk with us about adding an umbrella policy to your current personal insurance today.

RV Insurance

An RV Insurance policy allows you to experience the open road without worry. More specialized than auto insurance, RV policies can cover things like windshield replacement, personal possessions you may take on your trip, theft, damage, and more. Whether you’re hitting the road for a quick weekend getaway or making a cross-country road trip, Hoyng Insurance Group will help you find a policy that fits your needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle owners need, at minimum, liability insurance to cover costs you may have to pay after an accident when you are at fault. However, more comprehensive motorcycle policies can add coverage if your bike is vandalized or stolen, provides roadside assistance, or protects you in crashes with an uninsured driver. We’ll go through all of your insurance options to determine what coverage is most important to you.

Boat Insurance

Set sail without worry by investing in boat and watercraft insurance. These types of policies typically have coverage for both physical damage to your boat and liability coverage in the event where you cause damage to other boats or people. You can invest in additional coverage for theft or damages. Talk with us today about finding the proper boat insurance coverage!

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Whether you’re looking for a specific insurance policy or need personal coverage over a wide range of assets, our knowledgeable agents can sit down with you and help you determine what policy and plan is best for your individual needs.

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